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#YestoGod Week 2: Hearing God’s voice

Lysa Terkeurst lists five key questions which helps her to determine whether what she hears is from God, and not an impression on her heart that is actually her own ideas.

Group leader Jenny Armstrong did such a beautiful job of visually capturing the questions, and I hope she would not mind if I share it here:


The questions got me thinking, which led to an unsettling conclusion: I would already fumble on question 1, if I have to be honest. It is not a question of being unfamiliar with scripture. Rather, it is a matter of allowing myself to be distracted when I should be spending meaningful quite time with God. The result being that I do not have “fresh” experiences with the Lord and with Scripture. No good trying to measure against historical insight. It has to be new and relevant.

I have done numerous studies on prayer, Bible Study, quite time “suggestions”, and I can safely say that I know the drill. However, having the knowledge and not applying it, is probably worse than having no knowledge at all.

In week 1 of this study, I was convicted because I neglect the weekly study meetings at church.  On the very day that I understood that saying “Yes” to God, simply means to follow all of His instructions, I failed dismally by something as simply as not having dinner ready in time! Which again goes to show how conniving Satan is. He can be trusted to launch an attack the minute one takes a stand, takes a step closer to God.

I pray that this Online Bible study will be a tool to improve my discipline when I sit down to spend time with the Word of God, and that I will have the privilege of discerning God’s voice amidst all that vies for attention.


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